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WhatsApp ‘collections’ feature for Business Account – know details about it


WhatsApp has enabled collections feature for Business Account. This feature provides WhatsApp business users with the ability to group products and services very easily. The Instant messaging platform has rolled out the new collections tab for all the Business users.

With the help of this feature businesses can organize their Catalogue better and they will also be able to group items into categories. Recently WhatsApp has enabled some advanced search filters for WhatsApp Business Account users on beta versions. In this article you will get details about ‘collections’ feature that helps businesses to manage their products in a better way on their catalogue.

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WhatsApp new collections for Business Account

One of the features the popular messaging app has made available to businesses is capability to create catalogues. Catalogue is a list that contains description of all the product and services a business can offer to customers. With product catalogues you can choose a product and contact the business to get more information on it.

If you wish you can also share the product with other WhatsApp contacts. This feature has been around for quite some time but in past weeks WhatsApp has added some advanced improvements for catalogue that brings the ability to group similar products and services in one collection.

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Collections are products and services grouped by category. Since they are organized better it is easy for you to locate the product you are looking for by browsing the proper collection.

If you want to create a collection in your business account first activate the catalogue option in your application’s settings. Then choose a good name that reflects the products and services you provide in your collection. Then the WhatsApp moderation team needs to review the collections.

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After the approval of the moderation team other businesses and customers can view your collections in the catalogue by browsing the Business Info. You can anytime modify your collections to keep them up to date. Like you can add or remove any products, rename the collection and also delete it from your catalogue.

The feature is already available for the latest WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS users. So to create collections for your customers use the updated build of WhatsApp. Notably the collections feature for Business Account is available only to people who use WhatsApp business. These business features cannot be used by WhatsApp Messenger.

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