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WhatsApp Web New Screen Lock Feature: All You Need To Know


Whatsapp, the worlds leading messaging platform has been releasing many features. Some of the features launched earlier like sending instant video messages, and having video calls in whatsapp groups with up to 32 people have got so much appreciation from their users.

Now whatsapp is about to launch one of its best updates which is WhatsApp Web New Screen Lock Feature for enhancing better privacy.

In this complete guide, we will explain everything about this feature and its functionality.


How WhatsApp Web’s Screen Lock Feature Works

Steadily whatsapp has been rolling out helpful new features in order to enhance users’ privacy and usability.

By introducing whatsapp web’s new screen lock feature, it’s now confirmed that whatsapp web users are covered with the best privacy whatsapp has evolved. By enabling this feature you can set a password.

Whenever you access whatsapp on the web version, you just need to put in a password and you are good to log in.

But the question is; what if you forget your password? Noting to worry you can log out and relax with the help of your smartphone whatsapp QR code scanner.

This feature has strengthened the security and privacy of a great whatsapp web experience.

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How WhatsApp Web’s Screen Lock Feature Access and Availability

As of now, this feature is limited and available for limited users since its in beta version. If you want to experience this feature you need to navigate to settings> Privacy (in whatsapp web desktop version) and if the feature is functional, you can see the button “screen lock”. If the function does not appear, we advise you to wait until it’s available by whatsapp administration.


With whatsapp web new screen lock feature, the company helps users to feel safe and secured even better.

Their approach is to help all the users feel safer with their conversations. One feature to another, whatsapp now winning the confidence of people.

As many updates have come about privacy and security that shows whatsapp cares about users.

So go ahead and experience the recent whatsapp new screen lock feature. Drop a comment if you like it or not. Sharing is caring!

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