Gravity Launcher VS App
Gravity Launcher VS App

GRAVITY LAUNCHER VS is a wonderful app that lets you personalize your mobile icons, start screen, and other elements. With this app, you can modify the look of your start menu on your Android device. This innovative launcher is based on Gravity and offers you a new style for Gravity-free application icons.

Most of you must be knowing that Android is very flexible in terms of customization. It is the most valued feature of this operating system in the eyes of many users. There are many apps that provide you with the ability to customize along with other apps. Today you will know about such an app launcher that belongs to this category.


GRAVITY LAUNCHER VS is an amazing application that has a very simple and easy-to-use user Interface. The app has many awesome features including real-world simulation of gravitational physics. This function allows the icons to float around the screen in line with the Orientation of the device.

When you launch this app the icon reacts to gravitational force. This gives you a very highly entertaining and eye-catching sight. GRAVITY LAUNCHER VS provides you with a slider which is a shortcut to access apps. You can tap and swipe the app icons to launch them which gives the effect of real objects.

You just have to touch the icons and then drag them upwards and release them. Also, you can play with these icons by dragging them and hitting other icons that will create a collision. Along with this the app also offers your well-organized options menu and pinch zoom features.

You can also modify icon size, background color, and font type according to your choice. With these customized features the app will display all the information on your screen in your selected style. This is totally free-to-use application that shows some ads. However, you can also opt for an Ad-free version with GRAVITY LAUNCHER VS Pro.

How to use this app?

To use this app make sure you have downloaded and installed it on your smartphone. Before you get started the app will ask for certain required permissions. You need to accept them to continue. As soon as the process gets completed the app will notify you. You can download this app from Google Play Store or directly from the link provided below on our website.

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