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WhatsApp Group Permission: Set Group Restrictions from the Start


WhatsApp is working on an exciting new update that will allow users, especially group admins, to set permissions for groups while creating them.

This Whatsapp Group Permission feature, currently being tested on Android and iOS through beta updates, aims to streamline group management by enabling admins to establish specific restrictions before the group becomes functional.

In this article, we will explore the upcoming WhatsApp Group Permission feature and other exciting updates being tested on the popular messaging platform.


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Setting Group Restrictions from the Get-Go

The new WhatsApp Group Permission feature is expected to enhance the group creation process, particularly for larger groups.

With this feature, admins can conveniently enable or disable various group permissions while forming the group.

For instance, they can choose to turn off disappearing messages or control other important permissions.

This will undoubtedly save time and effort, ensuring the group operates seamlessly from the very beginning.

Introducing Animated Avatars for More Interactive Conversations

Alongside the Whatsapp Group Permission feature, WhatsApp is also testing an Avatar pack that includes animated Avatars.

This delightful addition is intended to make conversations more interactive and fun.

Animated Avatars will appeal to users who enjoy expressing themselves creatively during chats.

This feature is sure to add an element of joy to your messaging experience.

Additional WhatsApp Updates to Look Forward To

The Meta-owned messaging platform is actively working on several other updates that promise to enhance user experience.

Android users will soon benefit from a Safety Tools page designed to educate new users about various privacy features.

Additionally, a redesigned search bar will make finding specific messages and contacts more accessible.

Moreover, a highly anticipated feature will allow you to forward messages to new groups effortlessly.

These updates are currently available to a limited number of beta users and are expected to be rolled out officially in the near future.

When Can We Expect These Features?

As with any beta testing, the official release dates for these features have not been announced yet.

However, given WhatsApp’s track record of frequently launching new features, it won’t be long before these updates become available to the wider user base.

As soon as we receive updates on their official release, we will keep you informed.


WhatsApp’s upcoming Group Permission feature, along with the introduction of animated Avatars and other significant updates, demonstrates the platform’s commitment to continually improving user experience.

With the ability to set group restrictions from the start, admins can efficiently manage their groups.

Animated Avatars promises to bring a touch of fun and interactivity to conversations, fostering a more engaging messaging environment.

Stay tuned for further updates as WhatsApp continues to enhance its platform and provide users with even more exciting features.

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