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GTA 6 Release Date and Announcement Date Leaked: Report


“Grand Theft Auto 6” also known as GTA 6 has been the most anticipated game and All the gaming freaks are waiting for its release. GTA gained a lot of fans back in 1997-2005 and still has crazy fans all over the world. In this complete article guide we will get to know about the GTA 5 release date and announcement date leaked and much more.

Take-Two CEO Hints at GTA 6 Release Date

It’s been quite a while since the anticipation is building about GTA 6 arrival. While leaks came into the market about the game’s progress, official information has been scarce.

During an earnings call by Take-Two Interactive, the parent organization of Rockstar Games, a potential release window for GTA 6 emerged.


As per that call, We might see the game released in 2024-2025.

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October 2023 Announcement and October 2024 Launch

Shockingly, A new recent leak from the user GTA6posts has stunned every GTA freak saying that the GTA 6 announcement will come to light in October 2023, coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of GTA V.

The leak claims the game will be released in October 2024 potentially. Although The development unit Rockstar Games has not announced anything yet, these leaks are buzzing all around.

The Uncertainty Surrounding the Leak

Behind these leaks, The user GTA6posts has a history of sharing GTA 6-related content.

They shared a voice note Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, which was part of this leak, was taken down due to a copyright strike.

This ensures the strongness of the leaks. All of this seems natural but we also must think we’re living in the AI era and anything can be manipulated.


While the anticipation is at its peak about the GTA 6 game game lovers are eagerly waiting for the masterpiece to arrive soon.

The GTA 6 announcement date and release date leaks are buzzing all around.

Do you think these clips are real and GTA 6 will arrive in October 2024 or it’s just a rumour? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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