Max Battery Alarm App
Max Battery Alarm App

Max Battery Slarm app protects your phone against unauthorized access. This app also sounds an alarm when your battery gets full. You all must be knowing that battery overcharging is harmful. It reduces the lifespan of your battery and shows inaccurate battery percentage.

To avoid this you need to unplug your device as soon as the battery is done charging. With this unique app, you do not have to worry again about leaving your device while it is getting charged. It plays a charge alarm sound that notifies you when your battery gets fully charged. Know more details in this article below.

Max Battery Alarm App

The Max Battery Alarm is an app that gives you an alarm when your battery reaches full charge. With this app, you can also secure your mobile phone against unauthorized access. It also shows your detailed battery information. This app even notes the charge history of your phone.


This app provides you with many special features to protect your phone. It has a battery alarm to warn you when your battery is low and it also notifies you when you are done with charging. You can customize your alarm sound in this app. You can choose any sound of your choice.

It also provides you with a Loop battery alarm sound. Max battery alarm lets you customize the alarm level. This means you can set an alarm to notify you at different battery levels for example 20%, 50%, 90% and etc. The app also shows your battery status. You can see the remaining time for a full charge, the charging status, and the capacity of your phone’s battery.

Also, you can disable or enable any alarm at any time. You can always disable the charge notification and then enable it again. Along with this it also features Battery Analytics and a charge booster that helps to charge your phone faster. The most amazing feature this app has is Anti – Theft Alarm.

You have to set a password from the settings. If someone plugs out your phone from charge without your permission this alarm will start ringing. To silence this alarm you will have to enter the same password again.

Max battery alarm is developed by Gogone and has an excellent overall rating of 4.3 stars in the play store. It runs on Android 5.1 and above Operating System. You can download it from Google Play Store or directly from the link provided on our website at the end of this post. So, protect your phone with this amazing app and keep it safe from harm.

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