Apple Event 2023: Key highlights
Apple Event 2023: Key highlights

Apple has launched its latest release, the Apple Watch Series 9 which starts at $399, iPhone 15 at $799, iPhone15 Plus at $89, iPhone15 Pro at $999, and iPhone ProMax at $1,199.

These were unveiled today in a highly anticipated Apple Launch Event 2023 and the keynote presentation, dubbed, “The Wanderlust” was presented at the Steve Jobs Theater. All models will be available beginning 22 September this year.

iPhone 15 Features

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus
  • The standard model will have an improved camera system with greater zoom and a 48-megapixel camera.
  • It will also have a dynamic island, which is a redesigned notch at the top of the screen that will take up less space.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Features
  • iPhone 15 Pro will cost $999, while the iPhone Pro Max will be priced at $1,199.
  • The two iPhones will have titanium sides, which will replace the stainless steel that has been used since the iPhone X.
  • They will come in two sizes, both will have three cameras each, and come in four different finishes. They will also have a 48-megapixel camera
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max has several new and updated features, one of which is 5X optical zoom.
  • iPhone 15 Pro models will be in light and dark grey, black and dark blue.

The Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9

The primary upgrade comes from a new processing chip, called the S9-Sip, which the company claims will be faster than the one introduced in 2020.

The Series 9 will look not very different from previous models, but it will have some new colors which are a gorgeous new pink aluminum case, starlight, product red, midnight, and silver plus stainless steel cases in gold, silver, and graphite. The new double-tap feature will allow users to answer the phone by tapping their fingers together.

This new and exciting “Double Tap” feature on the Apple Series 9 will change the entire landscape of user interaction.

Just by tapping two of your fingers, you can double-tap on the screen to execute predefined actions or shortcuts.  This function not only makes navigation much more accessible and comfortable but also makes the overall user experience better.

If you want to quickly access your favorite apps, settings to your settings, activate Siri, or whichever action you want to take, the Double Tap feature offers all the convenience.

Additional Features

  • All day battery
  • Siri requests are processed on devices making them faster and more secure. This means that the most common request no longer has to go to the phone so it can not be slowed down by a poor WiFi or poor connection.
  • Access to your health data through Siri (Available later in the year, in English and Mandarin)
  • Name Drop

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Similar to the Series 9, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will also have the “double tap” feature and have the S9-Sip.

The most advanced Apple watch is perfect for anyone who wants the biggest display and longest battery life with a stunning design.

Over the last year, Apple has helped people accomplish extraordinary feats. Like summoning the tallest mountains, completing enduring races, and diving into the world’s oceans.

Ultra is a precision tool designed to go further, higher, and deeper than any Apple watch has before.


  • You can use the double-tap
  • Brightest display Apple has ever created
  • Activates automatically in the dark
  • Precision dual-frequency GPS
  • Designed for high altitudes and deep water
  • An expanded altitude range
  • On-device Siri
  • Modular Ultra watch face
  • Customizable action button
  • 36 Hrs battery life
  • Precision finding for iPhone
  • New cycling features
  • Brand new colors
  • Carbon neutral
  • 3000 nits
  • Flashlight boost
  • Dive to 40 meters

Advanced Display Technology

The Series 9 has a large display, which will offer a great visual experience. The brightness, contrast, and color accuracy it has will give stunning visuals, making everything from text to multimedia come to life.

The display adapts to your activities, saving battery life when needed. It also offers fantastic animations when gaming or scrolling through content. This is because of the Adaptive Refresh Rate that it has.

Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

The iPhone is very quick in performance and energy efficiency. The chip not only handles everyday tasks easily but also handles heavy applications and gaming, making it a good companion for various users.

Health and Wellness at the Forefront

Apple’s unwavering commitment to user well-being continues with the Series 9. The device is equipped with advanced health and fitness monitoring features, including improved heart rate tracking, sleep analysis, and fall detection.

It also introduces a unique Stress Monitor, helping users manage their mental well-being more effectively.

Seamless Integration with the Apple Ecosystem

Whether it’s sharing content, receiving calls and messages, or accessing your favorite apps, the Series 9 ensures a cohesive and interconnected experience. It is the first-ever carbon-neutral product.

Starting this year, all Apple watch manufacturing is powered by clean electricity. Electricity is the biggest source of carbon emissions. Since 2015, Apple has been investing in renewable energy.

To cut emissions from transportation Apple decided to start by redesigning Series 9 packaging to be 100% fibre-based and more compact. It has a new smaller shape that allows them to ship up to 25% more watches per trip.

And more of those trips will be made by low carbon shipping modes which emit just one twentieth than shipping by air.

Their efforts to reduce emissions from materials, electricity, and transportation resulted in a 78% decrease in the carbon footprint.


Apple made $394 billion in net sales last year and since the unveiling of the first iPhone in the year 2007, they have grown their company’s share price by 5000%. Apple is an industry leader, with over 1.2 billion iPhones sold.

Apple event through the years:

  • iPad, 2010
  • Apple Watch, 2014
  • Air Pods, 2016
  • YouTube Event, 2022
  • Apple Launch Event, 2023

Apple launches September 2023:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 ProMax
  • Apple Watch Series 9
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2



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