WhatsApp introduced 8 new features this week
WhatsApp introduced 8 new features this week

WhatsApp is working on supporting kept messages in disappearing messages for beta Android users. According to the reports, with this feature users will be able to keep disappearing messages in chat in the future. You all must be knowing that the Meta-owned platform had already announced this feature in a previous update.

In this current beta update, the app developers team is working to notify users that ‘Disappearing messages now support keeping messages in the chat’. Along with this notification, there will be additional information. That is ‘New messages will disappear from this chat 24 hours after they are sent, except when kept’.

WhatsApp working on supporting kept messages

Earlier the Instant Messaging App had announced one of its development features that bring the ability to keep or un-keep a kept message. This redesigned introduction to disappearing messages was rolled out in WhatsApp beta for the Android update.

After this update users will be able to keep a disappearing message so that it does not get expired. Now the platform is adding a new feature that would notify the users about the ability to keep disappearing messages in the chat.

In a report shared by the leading WhatsApp news tracker WABetaInfo, the news source has shared a screenshot of the feature. In the image, you can see the notification that the company is planning to introduce in the disappearing chats. So, it is clear that after this feature is finally ready for testing, those who are in the conversation will have the ability to keep any disappearing message.

You can also undo that kept message by viewing the message option. However, you must know that when you undo a kept message, it will get automatically deleted for everyone. The deleted message cannot be recovered once it disappears from the chat.

As mentioned earlier the support for kept messages feature is currently under development process so it is not available to beta testers. The company has submitted this update through the Google Play beta program.

With this update, the current version reaches When the ability to keep a disappearing message in order to prevent its expiration is finally ready, the company will release it in a future update.



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