WhatsApp Share status to Facebook
WhatsApp Share status to Facebook

WhatsApp is releasing the new Limitation on Forwarding messages for beta Android testers. The popular social media platform has submitted this update through the Google Play Beta Program. With this update the version reaches to In this current beta update the platform is now reportedly introducing limits to forward your messages.

Messages are one of the main elements of social media. The ability to forward messages helps you stay in touch with each other in a quick way. Some very interesting topics encourage message forwarding over social media. As this can influence large masses in positive as well as negative way the platform has announced limitation on forwarding messages to Control circulating unwanted content.

WhatsApp New Limitations for forwarding Messages

It has been around two years, it published a blog post about new restrictions while forwarding the messages. It automatically marked those messages that have forwarded more that four times as ‘frequently forwarded’. As you all know that all WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted so the platform has included a message counter that tracks how many times a message is being forwarded.

According to the Company privacy rules even the Company cannot read this Counter. In the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, update the Instant Messaging app is rolling out a new limitation for forwarding Messages. As per report, you can see that when a message is already marked as forwarded then you can no longer forward it to more then one group chat at a time.

Still if you want to forward the message to more than one group chat then you will have to select the message and then forward it again. Notably the new limitation takes effect even when the message forwarded only once. Unlike from the previous one where WhatsApp limited the number to just five chats at once.

In 2019 WhatsApp had introduced limitations on forwarding messages to limit the spread of misinformation and fake news. Maybe with the rollout of this new limits, from five chats to only one group the platform wants to make it more difficult to spread any misinformation.

However this feature has presently rolled out only to select beta testers. But according to the sources, it will be available to everyone soon in coming updates. To get news on all the upcoming new features and development keep following us.



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