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WhatsApp starts testing do not disturb API for missed calls


From the recent upgrade, it is noted that WhatsApp will be providing a new update for iOS users. The update will be only available in the iOS 15 interface. The testing for the update is under process.

The company is also planning to provide this feature to the other interfaces such as windows and android by the end of July. The company is confident with the update and this will help in better communication among people.

Added Features

With the help of the update, the users can easily see the unattended calls when the phone was in do not disturb mode with the help of WhatsApp API. In the iOS interface, if the phone is in do not disturb mode, the users will not be aware of the call. Moreover, there will be no miscall alarm.


The update provides the iOS 15 users to see the miss call list when the phone was in do not disturb mode. Moreover, all the miscall will be tagged so the users can detect them easily. The update has also improved the security of the application. Moreover, the company has installed the feature of money transfer through UPI and bank transfer.

Impact of these features

With the help of this WhatsApp feature, the user will never miss important calls even if the phone is on the do not disturb mode API. It will help him to maintain a good and healthy relationship both in his personal life and in his professional life.

The extra security provided satisfaction to the user and make them use the application for business purposes. The installation of a money transfer system will help the businessman to transfer money safely. The user needs to link the bank account with WhatsApp and can transfer money conveniently.

Future Innovations

The company is updating the system regularly to provide more tools to the user. Tests are performed to add the feature of an automated SMS alert with the interface using API.

Besides the company is also planning to apply the feature of miscall list during do not disturb mode to all the interfaces which include Mac, windows, and android. Moreover, the company is also planning to update the money transferring process. They are planning to add bank balance checking and transition history facility in the future.

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