WhatsApp Block shortcut feature
WhatsApp Block shortcut feature

WhatsApp is releasing new animated heart emojis for some iOS beta testers. With this new planned feature the popular global messaging platform is sure to win many more hearts. WhatsApp is rolling out this small addition for some iOS beta testers just after announcing the ‘global voice note player. The Global voice note feature will allow you to listen to a voice message while remaining on a different chat.

Perhaps you all will agree that emojis are a very attractive part of any chat. And emojis with animation just adds spice to it. The instant messaging app has been attracting millions of people globally for its continuous updates of exciting new features. So let us know what the platform is offering this time in its latest release ‘animated heart emojis for iOS beta testers’.

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WhatsApp releasing new Animated heart emojis for iOS beta

In a previous news released last year during Christmas it was already announced that WhatsApp was working on a new feature on animation for heart emojis. The under development feature was in plan for WhatsApp iOS beta then. Now the platform is finally rolling out this feature for few iOS beta testers. The new animation for heart emojis available on the latest 2.22.72 beta update. This means that you can take advantage of these new animated heart emojis in your chat.

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As you know that earlier when you sent Red heart emojis on WhatsApp it started pumping. Now this animation will be available for all other hearts too ie orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black. One important point to note is that to be able to see the animation the recipient of the emoji message should also have the feature enabled in their phone.

Though these moving emojis are not new but the visual feature has been quite successful after being introduced to the platform. This is why the developers team are expanding the animations. It does not bring any change in the functionality but of course it makes your chat experience more pleasant.

In a previous article it was mentioned that the Meta owned WhatsApp plans to roll out the same feature on WhatsApp beta for Android too in a future update. However their plan still remains the same but the release date for Android devices is not revel. Stay connected with us for more information on the availability of new features and coming updates.



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