SplitCloud Music player app
SplitCloud Music player app

Share your headphone and play two different songs at one time on your mobile with SplitCloud cloud Double music player app.

This app lets you play all your favorite songs saved on your device. You can also stream songs, and playlists and discover new music with this amazing app.

This is the only streaming music player that provides you with this wonderful functionality of playing two different songs at once.

Music player applications are a powerful medium to convey and transform our feelings and emotions.

There are lots of streaming apps that let you listen to your favorite songs anywhere and at anytime almost free of cost.

All these applications let you play one song at a time. Today you will know about this one and only streaming app that lets you play two different songs at one time.

SplitCloud cloud Double music player

SplitCloud Double music player is a powerful music streaming application with various features to satisfy all your musical needs.

All of us must have had a situation where we had to share our headphones with a friend or a partner. Different people have different tastes in music.

But in such a situation, both people will be forced to listen to the same track.

With this app, both partners can enjoy their own choice of music individually with the same mobile phone.

SplitCloud Double music player application offers you many amazing features. With multiple playlist support, you can create your own customized playlist.

You can get access to any song or user profile from SoundCloud music. The app lets you organize your music by folders and browse them accordingly.

Apart from the app’s own playlist it also allows you to access all the songs and albums stored in your phone memory. The app also features online radios.

Here you can listen to various online radios from all over the world for every category. You can search all trending and popular music and explore them from the provided chart.

You can also use it as a regular music player and adjust volumes independently for each player.

With the split cloud Double music player app you can shuffle and repeat the songs. It also lets you save your favorite playlist and preview any song easily.

While using the app in the split mode you can invert audio channels to invert the R/L channel output.

The app provides you with track suggestions based on your interest and lets you browse all selected popular playlists.

How to use this app

To use this app make sure to download and install it on your device.

You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from our website through the link provided below.

Now this one of its kind music apps keeps enjoying two different music on single mobile and playing both songs at the same time.

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