Share Files Between Android and Windows with Nearby
Share Files Between Android and Windows with Nearby

Nearby Share was launched by Google in August 2020. This file-sharing feature was introduced as a simple and fast way to share files between two devices. You can use this wireless technology to share files and folders flawlessly among two Android devices or between an Android device and a Windows PC. At present, it is in beta version but Nearly 3 billion Active Android users already have this feature. Know all details about it in this article below.

Nearby Share – Simple and Fast file-sharing feature

To start using Nearby Share on a Windows PC, make sure your computer is connected to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Currently, this feature is available only on Windows 10 and 11 which runs on 64-bit x 86 architecture.

Download the Nearby Share app on your Windows computer. Then start the setup file and let it get installed. Remember to keep both devices within 5 meters or 16 feet of each other.

Once you complete the process Sign in with your Google account. Notably, you can also use it without a Google account. However, for this, you have to choose the ‘Receive from everyone’ option. After this, you will be redirected to a browser Window.

From here choose your account and sign in. Then open Nearby Share and set your PC name. Now you are ready to share files with your contacts. At last hit the ‘done’ button. You also need to know that the app will send you some requests that you have to approve manually.

How to use Nearby Share to share files between Android and Windows

To use Nearby Share to share files first you have to make sure it is enabled on both Android and Windows devices. Then open the file that you want to share on the Android device. After this click on the ‘share’ button. A list of available sharing options will show up. From here select Nearby Share.

Your Android device will start searching for Nearby devices with Nearby Share enabled. Once found, select the Windows PC. A notification will pop up on your computer screen asking for permission to accept the file. Tap on ‘Accept’ and you are done. The file will be downloaded to your Windows Computer under the downloads folder.

You can also use Nearby share to do the opposite there are share files from Windows PC to Android devices. For this select the file on your window PC that you want to share and click on the ‘send with Nearby share’ option. Then select the Android device to which you want to send your files.

As mentioned earlier it should have Nearby share enabled in it. Your Android device will get the notification asking you to ‘accept the request’. At last hit, the ‘accept’ button and the file or folder will automatically be transferred from your Windows PC to Android.



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