Photo Phone dialer App
Photo Phone dialer App

Customize your phone’s dial screen with the My Photo Phone dialer App. With this wonderful app, you can personalize your calling dial screen. The app lets you set any photo of your choice and make it your dial screen. The Android System Application provides a DO experience for calling.

It is one of the best, most simple, and easy-to-use applications with multiple features. We all are used to making calls through the common dial pads. With this amazing app, you can customize your regular calling dial pads and make it interesting. This wonderful app is provided all the cool dialing features. Know about the specifications and features of this app in this article.

My Photo Phone Dialer – Your Personalized App for dial screen

The My Photo Phone Dialer provides you with multiple useful features. It offers the facility of importing and exporting contacts. It has speech recognition Technology. With this feature, you can dial any number without typing it manually.

With this app, you can arrange your contacts and favorite contacts in one place. It also enables you to change and background images, background color, theme color, and font color of dial pads. The app provides call settings, SMS settings, and audio settings right within its own settings.

Phone Dialer features

You can also customize the call logs, contacts, and dial pad with any of your favorite photos. This amazing app also works as a caller ID app. It also lets you activate flash alerts for incoming calls and deactivate alerts for messages.

It has a caller name announcer feature to massage, call, SMS, and audio settings. This app also features search contacts, shows call history, access contact details, and speed dial. It also offers a call block feature for the user’s contact list.

To use the My Photo Phone Dialler App you need to give permission to access certain features. You need to give receive incoming calls and process outgoing call permission. You need to give access to the read, write, and search call log.

The directly-call phone number permission lets you make calls quickly and easily through the phone button on the chat page. When you give permission to read your contacts the app uses the color SMS. The app also lets you take pictures, and videos and record audio with your permission when you want to share any photo or audio.

You need to choose this application as your default dialer application to make it work. Make sure you have it downloaded and installed on your device. The My Photo Phone Dialler App is developed by Judi Studio. It has an impressive overall rating of 4.1 stars in Google Play Store.

It runs on Android 6.0 and above operating systems. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided on our website at the end of this post. Now with this app customize your phone dialer giving it a unique look. For more tech news and information on other updates keep following us.

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