iPhone 14 OS Launcher
iPhone 14 OS Launcher

Recently Apple launched its iPhone 14 series and its Operating System iOS 16. Android users can also use the iOS 16 and iPhone system theme on their Android phones. They can easily customize their Android phone and give the iPhone 14 looks and operating System iOS 16.

To set the iPhone 14 and iOS 16 style to customize your Android phone you have to download the iPhone 14 and OS iOS 16 launcher. You can fully customize your android phone and give the iPhone looks same notification panel, same control center, etc.

Apple iPhone 14 and OS iOS 16 launcher

iPhone OS launcher is one of the best launchers that allows users to customize their android phone as an iPhone. You can also customize the widgets, and set the control center the same as the iPhone. Your apps look the same as the iPhone apps icon.


  • Set Dark mode and light mode theme
  • Customize Control Center and Notification Center
  • Customize X Home Bar
  • Change Font Style
  • Assistive Touch

How to use the iPhone 14 launcher app

To use the iPhone 14 launcher app you have to download and install the app. Then open the app and select the wallpaper and tap on the Get Started button. After this, grant the storage and Camera permission to this app by tapping on the Agree button.

After this, grant over the apps permission to this iOS launcher then grant notification access to customize notifications like iPhone. Select the iOS style and font san option checkmark the hide navigation bar option and tap on the Get started button.

Once you set the Apple iOS on your phone then it will suggest you customize the widget and give iPhone look to your Android phone. You can also set the Dark mode and light mode the same as the iPhone. You can also sort and organize the app to display in the app library. Users can also customize the Control Center, Notification Center, Assistive Touch, X home touch theme, etc.

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