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Hide your Gallery’s photos and videos with Hidden Torch – image and video vault app


Hidden Torch – image and video vault is an app that helps you hide your gallery’s photos and videos. This app disguises itself as a Torch app which is used to turn on or off LED lights. It lets you save your media files from the phone gallery to the app. You can access these media files later using any passcode.

It is one of the best apps that secure your personal photos, videos, audio, and documents. If you keep these personal media in your phone gallery there are chances that anyone can see them. This app is a great option for this purpose.

Hidden Torch – Image and video vault

Hidden Torch – image and video vault app is a very good alternative to secure and hide your gallery’s personal media files. We all have images, videos, and other things in our gallery that we do not want anybody to see. You all know that our photo gallery is not enough to secure our personal things.


So you have to use another option like this app to hide your gallery photos, videos, and other media. This exclusive app provides you with a lock screen including fingerprint support. You can manually change the lock pattern according to your wish in the app’s hidden gallery.

It looks like a normal torch application but when you long-press the torch icon you will find a hidden gallery. In this secret gallery, you can easily hide all your private photos, videos, audio, and file documents. The app lets you use a lock pin, pattern, fingerprint, and security question lock to secure your media files.

How to use the app

To use the Hidden Torch – image and video vault app download and install it on your phone. Then open the app and long press the torch icon. Then grant the media file permission to the app then enter your four-digit pin. After this select your security question and save it with the answer. Then long press on the torch icon and enter the saved pin.

Here you will find all images, videos, notes, and audio. From here you can hide whatever you want to. It is developed by Gogone and has an overall rating of 4 stars on the Play Store. It runs on Android 4.1 and above Operating System.

To download it you can go to the Play Store or directly from our website. The link is given at the end of this post. So, use this easy and smart way to hide all your personal photos and videos and secure them in this hidden vault app.

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