Gogone Whats Tools
Gogone Whats Tools

WhatsApp is a popular Instant Messenger and chats support software. Apart from just messaging this app also provides you with many other amazing features. Sometimes you may find the in-app build features not working properly.

This may interrupt your WhatsApp experience. It is at such times you can enhance your WhatsApp using experiences with Gogone Whats Tools. WhatsApp is one of the most in-demand messaging apps having billions of users all over the world. This fast, simple, and convenient app have affected our day-to-day life in various ways.

Though WhatsApp has lots of wonderful features for our various uses like chat, video calls, sharing media files, and a lot more. Still, there are many features that the app lacks. So, here you will know about this special app that provides you with such extra features that you miss in your WhatsApp. Know the details about this wonderful application in the article below.

Enhance WhatsApp using experience with Gogone Whats Tools

Gogone provides you with many social features that are not available in the usual WhatsApp application. This app will boost users’ experience of using WhatsApp. This way you do not have to download multiple applications for multiple WhatsApp features.

Moreover, this app is totally free and you can use it anytime with an internet connection. You can download it from the Google Play Store and this app is Compatible with Android mobiles. With the Gogone Whats Tools ‘WhatsApp scan feature’ you can operate more than one WhatsApp account at a time from your smartphone.

It also lets you chat directly with any ‘unsaved number’ just like a direct message. Apart from this, you can even save all of your contacts’ WhatsApp status on your phone with the ‘WhatsApp Status Saver’ feature.

Among other interesting features, there is the ‘Walk and Chat’ feature. This feature tells you on which street you are walking while chatting on WhatsApp. You can check it on your phone’s screen.

With the ‘Text repeater’ feature you can resend any huge text message to anyone. ‘WhatsApp cleaner’ is another useful tool for WhatsApp users. This feature lets you separately clean your contact list numbers without any problem.

In the ‘Text to Emoji’ feature, you get many amazing stickers and emojis. You can also upload ‘Caption Status’ directly. You can use Whatsapp on your phone by just shaking it with Gogone what’s tools ‘WhatsApp shortcut’ feature.

‘Fake chat’ feature lets you save any VIP number which will show fake chats from celebrities and VIPs. More features are ‘WhatsApp gallery’ which lets you download any media to your phone gallery. The app also features ‘Ascil faces’ just like funny, angry, love faces.

Hope you find this article useful to know about the best app where you will find so many features. So, make the best use of all the important features that you find helpful and enhance your WhatsApp using experience. For more Tech news and informative articles keep following us.

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