WhatsApp new Move chats to iOS
WhatsApp new Move chats to iOS

WhatsApp is the fastest messaging app. It is not just for texting, it also can present other things too. For a few years, this application has made new features like status, voice recording, etc which allows its users to share their status and video on Instagram and Facebook also.

If someone like their friend’s status and wants to keep the same status on their WhatsApp but they don’t have an idea how to do it? Now it’s very simple and possible to download WhatsApp status which you like to download with the help of a few applications and those applications are safe. This application can help you to download it automatically and the video will be saved directly to your gallery.

So here I am going to tell you what the complete process of downloading WhatsApp status is. If you really want to know how to download someone’s status then don’t skip anything, read this post till the end and you will get the exact information to do so.


WhatsApp status from applications and tools.

Now WhatsApp status download has become easy by using the application and correct tool. This application and tool help you to download WhatsApp status. The application is available in the Play store and the tools are present in Google.

It is 100% safe and the best part is that this tool and application will automatically save them in your gallery. iOS users can also use this application and tool.

What is the full process to download WhatsApp status videos from tools?

  • The process of downloading WhatsApp status on your Android mobile is firstly you have to download Google files on your Android smartphone.
  • The second step is that you have to Tap on the menu icon which is given at the top left corner of the application.
  • The third step is ‘Go To Setting’. There you have to turn on the option in front to show which files are hidden.
  • The fourth step is Go to the File manager of your device.
  • Fifth Step is Internal storage>Whatsapp>Media> Statuses.
  • Sixth step, all that status that you have already viewed will be shown in the folder then tap on the video which you want to download.
  • The seventh step is to long press on the chosen item and saves it according to your preferred location, for example, camera, images, downloads, and so on.

All these are steps that you have to follow one by one on your Android device.

How to download videos or images on WhatsApp status?

The first step is first to go to the Play store from the Android phone you have to type in the search box status saver. The next step is you have to download that status saver application on your android mobile. When that application is successfully downloaded to your mobile then you will see there are many images and videos shown in that app.

You have to choose that video on the app which you want to download. Then go through a long press and you will see videos are downloading. The video will be completed and it will be saved on your phone’s gallery.

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The process to download WhatsApp status videos on iPhone.

The very first step to downloading WhatsApp status videos on the iPhone is a bit different from on Android phones. In iPhones, you don’t have to enable ‘show hidden system files’ like in android. You have to go to the file manager app, go to the folder, then Media Statuses.


  • How long will Whatsapp status images, videos, and gifs stay?

WhatsApp status videos, Gifs, and images will stay for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will be removed.

  • How to upload WhatsApp status?

It is very easy to upload a status. You have to choose those images, gifs, or videos which you want to upload on your WhatsApp status. When you tap the picture or video, you will see a share option. You just need to tap it and it will automatically be updated. Tap on that Whatsapp and it will take you directly to your WhatsApp status page.

  • How to delete WhatsApp status?

If you want to delete Whatsapp status, you just need to do a long press on that particular status. You will see a delete option. Click that delete option and your WhatsApp status will be deleted.

Note:- This feature has not been released yet and this is the third-party features




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