Borderlight Live Wallpaper app
Borderlight Live Wallpaper app

Borderlight live wallpaper is an amazing app that lets you set Screen Edge lighting rounded corner live wallpaper. It provides you with a wonderful gradient shining border lightly with your photo. This is a very attractive and colourful Edge lighting app for your mobile’s display.

Live wallpaper is an animated image that you can apply to your home screen instead of a stagnant image. These wallpapers instantly turn your phone more life-like as they display an animated, colourful, moving light around the border of your mobile home screen. Some of them are really interactive and react to some gestures or motions of the device.

Give life to your wallpapers with the Borderlight Live Wallpapers app

Borderlight Live Wallpaper is a great app to modify the present look of your mobile phone with a 3D Live wallpaper impact. This app shows changing Light gradients moving around the border Edge of your whole mobile screen. It will adjust to your mobile border with live colourful light wallpapers.

This app lets you choose different colours with or without a notch. You just have to open the app and change the screen shape settings. It increases the beauty of your mobile screen. This magical and beautiful app features a home screen and lock screen changer.

It also provides you with the unique theme of a live background maker or creator. This application offers you frequent updates. These updates keep your screen stunning with Edge magic Video Live wallpaper. New Live wallpapers are already embedded in this app so you do not need to install additional new Live wallpapers.

Wallpapers and backgrounds

In this application, you get 1000+ HD wallpapers and backgrounds home screen. Additionally, it also provides you with options to apply lock screen wallpaper and Homescreen themes. You can also apply both at the same time.

Along with these features, you can also adjust the animation speed, width, buttons and top curve radius. It also allows you to adjust the thickness of the screen border and set the custom colours from a colour picker. You can also set your own photo as wallpaper between the Edge Lighting screen.

Borderlight Live wallpaper provides you with millions of exclusive wallpapers. You can set beautifully animated backgrounds with 3D effects on any of your mobile devices. You can get this application’s cool features on any Android device and it can be adjusted to fit any screen.

It is developed by FineX and has an excellent overall rating of 4.1 stars in Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android 6.0 and above Operating System. You can download it either from Google Play Store or from the link given below on our website. Now enjoy amazing light border effects and make your mobile screen more stylish with the Borderlight Live Wallpaper app.

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